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F R I E N D S 

During the month of November, we are planning to host a series of activities and projects designed to minimize the amount of hunger in our community. We will be encouraging support from students and staff for a canned food drive, volunteer participation challenges, and a pie-in-the-face event centered around raising money for local food banks.

"The one where they volunteer"

Beginning November 1 and ending on November 30, Pioneer is issuing a challenge to students to get out and volunteer. We are asking all students to complete at least one volunteer activity relating to the theme of hunger. Be sure to record your volunteerism on pink sheets and submit them to Mr. Burrell in P4 if you want to be included in the raffle (Starbuck's gift cards). You can volunteer at any agency you like but the service you complete must be related to hunger in order to qualify for the raffle. Here are some agencies to get you started:
  • Loaves and Fishes - Indirectly pack food and meals for direct distribution to people in need.

"The one where they collect cans"

Beginning on November 1 and ending on November 21, Pioneer is hosting a canned food drive during fourth-period classes. The fourth-period class that collects the most cans will earn a pizza party. Donations will be collected and counted weekly. 
  • 12-16 oz = standard can size
  • <14 oz = half a can
  • >24 oz = two cans
  • Non-perishable boxed items will be accepted but will only be counted as one can regardless of the size or weight. 

"The one where they get pied in the face"

Beginning on November 1 and ending on November 21, Pioneer is hosting a faculty member "pie in the face" contest. 

During the week of Oct 31 - Teachers are being recruited to participate. Urge once of your favorite teachers to join and have them email Mr Burrell. 

During the Weeks of Nov 7 and Nov 14 - "Voting" will occur during lunches in the quad. The teachers that receive the most cash donations will earn the pie. 

Nov 21 at lunch - Come out to the quad and celebrate our Friendsgiving with our winning teachers. 
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