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Phases of the Sophomore Project

Investigate & Learn

Part 1

  • Introductions to the project and community service

  • Learn how to research and maintain sources

  • Analyze the local community (problems, their effects, and possible solutions)

  • Begin volunteering at a non-profit (can be related to your world problem but does not have to be) - Begin Community Service journals

  • Complete local Cause & Effect tree

Part 2

Create Action Plan

  • Select your Sophomore Project World Problem

  • Research the Global Problem

  • Begin Current Events

  • Complete your formal World Problem Cause essay

  • (Ethnic Studies Literature only) Finalize your Action Plan

  • Complete your local non-profit evaluation & volunteer hours (10 total) and submit your Community Service Journals

Take Action

Part 3

  • Begin community service on your world problem - 15 total hours (continue Community Service journals) 

[NOTE: For the 2022-23 school year, the 15 hour requirement is reduced to 10 hours]

  • Complete the World Problem effect Infographic

  • Continue Current Events

  • Continue research on your World Problem - Solutions focus

Report, Reflect, & Celebrate

Part 4

  • Complete your community service & submit your Community Service journals

  • Complete your Reflective Essay

  • Complete your final World Problem Summary Project

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