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The 2019 Prudential Awards

Brian Hardell - Certificate of Accomplishment


Brian became involved in Code One Programming through his personal fascination with computer programming. While struggling to find classes that could provide the knowledge he desired at a affordable price, he stumbled upon this student run nonprofit that fulfilled all of his needs. After experiencing the wonderful benefits of these classes, he decided he wanted to get more involved in this program to increase the impact of this organization. After teaching for half a year, Brian quickly rose up the rank to become co-president. Through this position, Brian has increased his public speaking and communication skills, deepened his understanding of code, and shown his ability to organize events. His responsibilities include recruiting high schoolers in the STEM community, developing curricula, setting up venues, and advertising these classes around the neighborhood. All of these tasks are essential to ensuring that the community is aware of the resources that are available to them and what is needed to do well in an up and coming field. Brian reflects the spirit of community service each day by showing his passion to help others through teaching and putting them in the best position to succeed.

Brian Hardell

Chloe Duckworth - Certificate of Accomplishment


Chloe saw a problem in hospital care hospitality and wanted to change how the old system worked. She created a program where every week she would roll her “sunshine cart” full of patient supplies down the halls of O'connor hospital. She single handedly formed a junior volunteer team to add “sunshine” to patients days. She expanded its role to include patient advocacy and trained volunteers to assist patients when staff neglected them. Her team became a resource to ensure patients are given the attention they need to have a quality hospital experience. After three years her “sunshine cart” continues to help hundreds of patients a day. Additionally, she pioneered special projects to improve hospital morale in multiple areas. She even helped create a survey with the Director of Service Excellence to evaluate the food and food services to needy patients standards and needs. This project is now carried out by her team of “Sunshine Cart” volunteers. She also worked with a fellow volunteer to create a Clothes Closet for homeless patients. Chloe is a perfect example of someone who reflects the spirit of community by showing her passion to help others and bringing sunshine to hospital patients each day.

Chloe Duckworth

Katherine Lobovski - Certificate of Merit


Being secretary of the Baking Society on Pioneer High School’s campus, Katherine immersed herself in both her enjoyment in baking as well as community service. Being alongside the rest of her co-leaders, she was part of a club that baked goods in order to donate the proceeds they received to various organizations. Katherine was able to overcome several obstacles in both the baking and organizing processes, and was left with growth in her communication skills and personal confidence. By actively selling the baked goods her and her club had made, Katherine expanded her empathetic side, as well as increase her extrovertedness as an individual. Through both working hard at baking with her fellow club members as well as constantly coordinating with outside organizations, she devoted much of her time and effort into creating enjoyable products for the community, while also giving back to charities in the process. Katherine felt satisfaction after every event when the club would sell out of all their goods, as she found it rewarding knowing that it benefited the community she lived in, and the lives of others that are in need. Katherine exhibits the significance of service on not only Pioneer’s campus, but around her community as well.

Katherne Lobovski

Katherine Pham - Certificate of Merit


Katherine fell in love with baking early in her life. She routinely brought her new creations to school and quickly learned of the unifying power of baked goods. Last year, Katherine used her passion for baking and this principle she learned to found the Baking Society. With her club, she mass produced baked goods to sell to the community at bake sales to raise money for charitable causes. She partnered with local and national nonprofits like the American Cancer Society, the Sisters of Notre Dame, and the local LGBTQ Youth Space to raise money for their causes and run bake sales at their events. She not only brought over $1160 to these groups, but she also has helped to bring communities together. They made strong connections with representatives from the organizations they worked with, bonded through their love for baking with customers during baking sales, and pulled schools together through their goods. Furthermore, by insightfully educating her club members about the cause they pick each month for their drives, they become more connected to the organization they are working with. Throughout her experience, she blossomed from a shy, inexperienced kid, to a true leader in the community and discovered a newfound passion for community service.

Katherine Pham
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