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Community Service Guidelines

1.  All community service work will be completed outside of school hours.


2.  Projects will be approved only for work through a nonprofit community organization.  Hours worked for organizations such as Candy Stripers or working for convalescent hospitals may be allowed but need to be pre-approved. 


3. Community Service credit will not be granted for recruitment, membership building or teaching about an organization or its beliefs, philosophy or mission. For example, Community Service credit will be granted for volunteer work performed at a church providing childcare, directing recreational activities, helping to feed or clothe those in need, and providing other community services, but credit will not be granted for teaching about religious beliefs or for organizing or participating in religious ceremonies.


4.  Community Service hours will not be given for service performed for a parent or a relative.

5.  Service hours completed during the school year for Science Camps will be limited to a total of 20 hours.  [Students can earn the maximum 8 hours per day for service performed over school breaks].

6.  Approved Community Service will not exceed more than 8 hours a day.

7.  Hours earned for after school or weekend training or planning sessions may count towards community service when the training results in actual volunteer service towards the community.

8.  Paid work will not be considered for community service hours.

9.  Service hours will not be given for any of high school club meetings.

10.  The agency has the option of not signing the time sheet if the student’s job performance is not satisfactory. 

11.  Students must use official school community service time sheets.  Student’s timesheets must be signed-off by their parent or guardian.

12.  It is recommended that each student’s service project be described and approved on the Community Service form prior to beginning any service to insure that the student’s hours will be accepted.  

13.  Students entering San José Unified School District may have their Community Service Hours prorated depending on the grade level in which they enrolled.  [Hours are prorated at 10 hours per year.]

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