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Diversity Week

What is Diversity Week?
During Diversity Week, various clubs on campus (such as the South Asian Club, Latino Student Union, Best Buddies, and the Gender identity and Sexual Orientation Alliance) share information about their cultures. Diversity Week seeks to promote equality among students of different backgrounds by raising awareness of different cultures and various social issues (such as mental disabilities and racism) that people face.
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Historically, guests speakers promoting equality and awareness have been invited to Pioneer and culturally-based service agencies are invited to offer service opportunities that relate to these issues. Other clubs on campus also participate to represent a country with information booths and fliers about various world problems in their respective countries. During Diversity Week, various clubs and students perform ethnic dances and run activities such as a henna booth, games, and hula lessons. At the end of the week, we host a food fair in which clubs sell various cultural foods to celebrate all the diversity we have on our campus.
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Pioneer's Service Learning class works for all students to be able to express their identities and to represent as many communties there are on campus! As students, we understand the different aspects and facets our school has to offer.

For reminders or updates text "@phsdiverse" to 81010 and stay directly connected with Diversity Week Team. 

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