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The Prudential Spirit

of Community Award

Created in 1995, the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards were made to recognize middle and high school students who have made meaningful contributions to the community through their volunteer service. While hours served are important for the award, the most important measures are the impact to the community and leadership of the student-volunteer. 
Levels of Awards:
Certificate of Merit - This is awarded to students that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to serving our community. These students usually create a new volunteer opportunity while also performing many hours of community service. The top student will be chosen for a Certificate of Achievement.
Certificate of Achievement - This is awarded to the top student volunteer for distinguished achievement in community service. Students that earn this level of award are nominated by Pioneer for state level competition. 
State Distinguished Finalists - Between 2 to 10 students are named as the top Prudential Spirit Volunteers in the state of California. 
State Honoree -This student is chosen as the top Prudential Spirit volunteer and will attend a special ceremony in Washington D.C.
National Honoree - Ten students will be chosen as the National Prudential Spirit of Community Honoree. 
The 2018 Prudential Award Earners
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