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 Jefferson Award
April 2023 - Mia Howell

Congratulations to Mia Howell, our April Jefferson Award earner. This year Mia organized a menstrual product drive to collect sanitary products that would be donated to the non-profit organization Next Door Solutions. There they will be made into sanitary kits and donated to women escaping abusive relationships and homeless women in need. While volunteering with Next Door Solutions and in fostering personal goals of systematic change regarding domestic violence and sex crimes, Mia felt inspired to engender change in her own community. On a local level she aimed to reduce the stigma around menstruation through starting a conversation about domestic violence while also donating to the cause. With her leadership and organization skills Mia collaborated with the Feminist Club to spread awareness about the drive throughout Pioneer. The drive amassed 1,544 pads and 1,800 tampons; totaling 1,544 sanitary kits. The impact of this drive is visceral, Mia herself feels overwhelmed with positivity in seeing its success. A growing sense of true appreciation for this type of work, and a turning of the tides in how menstruation is viewed at Pioneer shows the immense success of her project. From this experience, Mia has gained new perspective and has furthered her professional and personal development all the while making a tremendous impact on her community.


Download the PDF poster here
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