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Guidelines for Outdoor Science/Environmental Camps

(Camp Campbell, Walden West, Santa Cruz County Outdoor School)

Students and parents should read through all requirements and expectations before signing or committing to attend any of these camps. Attending one of these camps is a privilege, not a right. Students must meet all of the requirements and gather the appropriate permissions before attending. 


  • You must have at least a C in all of your current classes. If you have a D or F in any course then that disqualifies you from attending.

  • If your grades drop to a D or F prior to you attending the camp then you will not be allowed to attend.

  • You must have less than 3 unexecused absences

  • You must have less than 5 tardies

  • If a student is attending in order to earn hours for the Sophomore Project then their world problem topic must relate to either an educational or environmental theme (Child Abuse DOES NOT COUNT).

Students will only earn 20 hours of community service if they attend during a school week. If students attend over break they will earn a maximum of 40 hours of community service / 8 hours per day (regardless of what the agency says). Students must have a good review from the camp in order to earn their community service. 

Students must fill out the following form and submit to Ms Matos by Monday prior to attending the camp. If students attend without permission they will earn zero hours of community service and their absences will be listed as unexcused


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