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Community Service

Spring Hours are no longer required for the sophomore project. The remaining project will only be based on fall community service hours. Students cannot receive extra credit for Spring Community Service hours already completed - extra credit must be available to all students and due to the quarantine measure most students do not have access to this. All completed hours will go towards the 40 hours SJUSD graduation requirement.  

The Sophomore Project Research Paper will still be required for the project. Some students have already completed the research paper while others were in the middle of working on it before we left for quarantine. History teachers will be working with their classes to complete the research paper. 

The Three Panel Board

Research Paper

English Components

The Three Panel Board portion of the assignment (which is the most important) will be cancelled this year. The Sophomore Teachers are currently working on a alternative cumulative assignment that can be completed at home and online. We will release more information on this in May. 

Each English teacher will be handling their components separately. Be sure to listen / check in with those teachers about the final English requirements. 

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