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2019 Sophomore

Project Awards

Principal's Award - Environment

Principal's Award - Health

PA Arnold.JPG

Madeline Arnold

PA Wright_Sprauge.jpg

Abigail Wright & Isabella Sprague

Principal's Award - Social

PA Lopez.png

Aaliyah Lopez

Principal's Award - Education


Stephanie Chan & Axel Cerros (not pictured)

Principal's Award - Poverty

PA Barnett Reinwald.png

Katja Reinwald & Avery Barnett

Most Inspirational

Inspirational Lau.png

Gabriella Lau

Inspirational Ye.png

Jennifer Ye

Inspirational Yak.png

Caitlyn Tak

Most Original

Original Guazelli.png

Lucas Guazelli

Original Steffler.png

Paige Steffler

Original Braun.png

Thomas Braun

Creative Schweizer.png
Creative Eidem Irick.png

Most Creative

Samantha Schweizer

Emily Eidem &

Lenea Irick

Best Advertisement

Advertisement Ventura.JPG
AD Ventura.JPG

Arissa Ventura, Crystal Le &

Jasmine Le

Outstanding Service

Tyler Edwards

Volunteered with BioSITE & Suzume no Gakko where he primarily mentored/taught elementary school students while earning almost 100 hours of service.

Service - Edwards.jpg

Renae Romanowski &

Mirabella Marshall

Advertizement Marshall Romanowski.png
Advertisement Marshall.JPG

Image coming soon

Allison Galvan-Reyes

Service01 Raja.jpg

Nikoo Rajai

Volunteered with Happy Hollow as a "Zooteen" where she learned how to care for the various animals and assisted in their daily feedings, cleanings, and support.

Earle Schweizer IV

Volunteered with Lincoln Glen Skilled Nursing Facility assisting residents with day to day tasks.

Service Schweizer.JPG
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