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Service Learning


Service Learning Leadership is now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. SL Leadership oversees any service related activity at Pioneer High School. Some of our activities include: Red Ribbon Week, Fall Outreach Fair, Sophomore Project Support, E-Waste Support, Website/Social Media work, two Blood Drive, the Jefferson Awards, Presidential Service Awards, and more. The deadline for all applications is March 27 (you will also need teacher recommendations - please get the forms from Mr Burrell). 

Project Updates
Spring 2020


Due to the COVID 19 quarantine measures, the 2020 Sophomore Project has been modified. The SP Team is working on the details. You can learn more information about the changes by following the link below. Here are some of the modifications:

  • No Spring Hours will be collected

  • There will be no three panel board presentation

  • There will be some sort of digital presentation required to complete the sophomore project. This is being worked on now. 

Congratulations to Samantha Schweitzer,  the May Jefferson Award Earner. She created the Gifts for Teens project at Pioneer High School. Her goal was to create duffel bags full of basic necessities and gifts to give to teens in need during the holiday Season. The club she created personalized each bag with hand written notes to each teen in need. 

Congratulations to Darius Parakh, the April Jefferson earner. He is the head of the advisory board for Peer Court, an alternative approach to the juvenile justice system. Working closely with youth charged with an offense, he helps give them a better understanding of their rights, empowers them to make better decisions, and helps them learn from their mistakes. As head of the advisory board, he is working on writing policies for a county wide program. 

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, all work on the Presidential Service Award certificates and pins has been stopped. I will be in touch with individual students as soon as we receive the certificates (not sure when that will be - it is usually a 10 week processing period). 

Community Service during quarantine

Coming Soon!