Pink Sheet Submissions

1.  Take a photo or scan the front of your pink sheet (do not worry if your pink sheet has two sides, we only need the front). 


2.  Save the photo/scan in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, pdf.


3. Title the photo/scan using the following system (do not include any spaces):

  • Grade Leavel (09,10, 11, 12)

  • Last name, First name

  • Number of the pink sheet (If this is the first one you are submitting electronically then begin with 01. If you have two pink sheets to submit then you would list them as 01 & 02. If you submit one pink sheet now and then another one in a few weeks, please start at whatever number you left off at. 


10burrell,michael01     This would be my first pink sheet.

10burrell,michael02     This would be my second pink sheet (whenever it is turned in)


4.  Email to

  • Title the subject "Last name, First name, Grade"

    • For example: Burrell,Michael​,10

  • Attach the photo/scan to the email

  • In the body of the email just type "Community Service Pink Sheet"

5. Save your pink sheet in a safe place in case we need to collect it in the future.